Sip -N- Play is Melanin Enterprise’s signature event! Since January 2019, we have been hosting monthly game nights at local Black-owned restaurants and cafes. Once the whole world stopped, our regular attendees started asking us to bring our exciting game nights to their birthday and house warming parties and we delivered!


Not only do we have 60+ games for you to choose from, we have some of the funniest game night hosts with good-natured clap backs if they feel the need to eh-hem, challenge your answers. 

But why did we choose to start hosting game nights in the first place?

There is a whole group of people who want to go out and enjoy nightlife activities but want an alternative to the regular club scene or awkward networking events. Game and trivia nights are very popular around the country but we noticed that there are hardly no trivia nights that represent or celebrate Black culture. So, we created it! 

We LOVE bringing Sip -N- Play Game Nights to Black-owned restaurants, cafes, lounges, etc! It's an amazing night where the entire city can come together to have the ultimate Black trivia game night experience, get to know their neighbors, welcome newcomers to the city and most importantly... support Black-Owned Businesses! We have helped create thousands of new and repeat customers in the last 2 years and hope to double that in 2021!